At Burgess Consulting we understand that one size does not fit all. We specialize in providing personalized service for your business. We capitalize on best practices and translate government contracting requirements to best meet your needs. We understand that sometimes one size does not fit all and work with you individually to find the best-fit solution.

Compliance Issues

To be an effective Government Contractor compliance is imperative. But compliance with what?

Government contractors must comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and IRS tax code as well as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), agency supplements to the FAR, and each individual contract. This can create a maze of interrelated and possibly conflicting rules.

At Burgess Consulting, LLC we benefit your business by interpreting, preparing, and complying with requirements necessary to sell to the Federal, State, and Local Governments.

Burgess Consulting bridges the gaps among these regulatory bodies to ensure company compliance. We monitor compliance so you can focus on meeting strategic goals.

Business Performance/Training/Professional Development

Supplement your talented workforce with education in contract management and accounting essentials specific to meeting Government contracting requirements. Burgess Consulting offers industry-wide seminars and workshops as well as training tailored to your business.

At Burgess Consulting, LLC we benefit your business by training you and your employees on Government contracting best practices.

Utilize the tools at hand and the employees in house to their full capacity

Increasing employee effectiveness/utilization improves overall company productivity and performance. We help your company develop the internal skills necessary to sustain company growth by segregating duties and isolating functions to specific departments while maintaining communication.

Financial Performance

Have you designed your accounting structure to maximize cost reimbursement while maintaining your competitive edge with your peers?

It is important to know your rates and understand the implications of charging more or less than your actual rates as this affects your bottom line. Burgess Consulting helps you examine your costs, your accounting and rate structure, and allocation methods to ensure that costs are recovered to the extent allowed. We teach you how to accumulate costs in a manner which allows easy calculation of indirect rates and total project costs.

At Burgess Consulting, LLC we benefit your business by building cost and pricing to ensure successful contract performance.

We specialize in the allocation of costs in accordance with FAR Part 31 and understand how important it is for a company to maximize cost recovery. We help you to understand what can and cannot be charged, and how to support costs as allowable and billable against government contracts.

Successful contract performance begins with the proposal. Burgess Consulting can help you develop a strategy and develop contract cost and pricing that accounts for costs and profit in a competitive market.

And after you win we help you properly setup the contract as a project in your accounting system so that all stakeholders can receive the reports they need and most importantly, so you can bill properly under the contract terms.

Questions on managing the contract?

We help you with that too. In fact, Burgess Consulting can assist with the entire life cycle management of the contract, from bid and proposal to contract closeout.